・Official Name: NGO fuku21 Welcome Home
・Date approved to operate by Japanese government: July 14, 2014
・NPO license no. 5010005022736
・Managing Director: Shigeo FUKUDA
・Address: 6-6-4 LH Bancho Square 5F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0085

FUKU 21 Welcome Home was established as a non-profit non-governmental entity on January 4, 2014.
The Japanese government has recognized that our activities are essential for the people we serve and so budget some small funds for us. However, we rely on donors for most of our funding.

We provide a transitional living quarters called “Welcome Home” as a place to specifically help orphans between 18 and 23 years old after orphans are required by law to leave orphanages at the age of 18 which is at the end of their general education. However, at this age, they need additional specific help to overcome the discrimination that exists in Japanese society. Specifically, orphans have no proper guardians, come from abusive families, or have parents who are unfit for childcare. These children face strong social discrimination which is ingrained in Japanese society and virtually institutionalized. For example, orphans lack family guarantors which are required for renting apartments. They have no family to turn to for emotional support, and even their children face discrimination. To make matters worse, they earn far less than the national average.

There greatest need is fora welcoming home where they can live at while they acquire the necessary skills and networks that they can turn to for help. When youth are unemployed or have no money for food, they will be allowed to live with us while seeking their next steps. We are providing or services for up to five years until they reach the age of 23.

We help young orphans to find reasonable apartments they would otherwise be denied under the Japanese family register system. We also offer help renting flats as well as counseling for the next steps in their lives.

Our Welcome Home facility is a 5-story building which has 15 apartment rooms and a community lounge for socializing. Over the years, it has assisted many orphans.

We hold a monthly meeting with citizens at our office in Chiyoda-ku. The purpose of the meeting is to give an opportunity to orphans to learn from their peers by listening to the experience of orphans themselves. Meetings have been held for years.

We supports self-help group meetings so that people can exchange information and views. We also operate and manage an employment support site and have information on companies.

We are the only organization authorized by the Japanese government to assist orphans in Japan to overcome the institutional discrimination that is unique to Japan.

By carrying out surveys on people needing assistance, refugees, and various welfare facilities, we also strive to resolve the issues and challenges of life and employment and other issues people face to live an independent life in Japanese society. The broad target audience of our efforts includes refugees, orphanages, foster homes and orphans in homes. We can offer consultation about employment, give advice to help the life of refugees, and renting flats as well as counseling and employment support.


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