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In many countries, orphans have not only prospected but have achieved fame. In Japan, however, orphans face strong social discrimination which is ingrained in Japanese society and virtually institutionalized. Orphans earn far less than the national average and they lack family guarantors which are required for renting apartments. They have no family to turn to for emotional support, and even their children face discrimination.

Famous Orphans outside Japan

  • Emperor Julius Caesar
  • Presidents Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton
  • Computer Creator Steve Jobs
  • Movie Producer Samuel Goldwyn
  • Actresses Ingrid Bergman and Marilyn Monroe
  • Musicians Johann Sebastian Bach and John Lennon
  • Writers Leo Tolstoy and Rudyard Kipling
  • Poets John Keats and William Wordsworth

Orphan Discrimination in Japan

  • Paid less than national average
  • Lack family guarantors for renting
  • Lack family emotional support
  • Historical Discrimination: Even children who have parents who are orphans face discrimination

Objective for NPO NGO Fuku21

NPO NGO Fuku 21 aims to support self-help group activities so that people can exchange information and exchange views with each other, as well as operate and manage an employment support site and information on institutions. Our target audience includes refugees, orphanages, foster homes and orphanes in homes. We will offer consultation about employment, the life of refugees, and renting flats as well as counseling and employment support.

By carrying out surveys on people needing assistance, refugees, and various welfare facilities, we will strive to resolve the issues and challenges of life and employment and other issues people face to live an independent life in Japanese society.

Representative profile

Fukuda Shigeo


Overseas wandering of two years during my youth to increase my knowledge of Asia.

I studied Korean literature after returning home. After graduating from university, I was published in English magazines and became Director of the Center for East Asian Studies of McGill University in Canada. I went to the United States and was involved in reporting and translation work on Korea of Congress on the "movement of Asia".

After marriage, I got a job at a foreign securities company, and then was involved in the acquisition by Merrill Lynch Securities of Yamaichi Securities which went bankrupt in 1997. I participated on the "Cherry Blossom" project team to plan the development and operation of the new company, Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Company, which within one year opened 35 branches.

I engaged in IT internal control audit in a Japanese audit firm. Later, I engaged in work for "welfare of the 21st century", and support the welfare of an auxiliary business.

I have engaged in promoting earthquake recovery and helping orphans and foster parents needing an orphanage or a home, as well as making surveys of people suffering mental trauma due to suffering by the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011.

The building creatively the SNS to the world not only in Japan.



World wandering Symbol Fukuda Shigeo

When I was 19 years old, I went travelling along the sea to Turky, having a suitcase and with only 80,000 yen in my pocket

My overseas wandering started in the place were I took a college entrance examination. To earn admission funds I made milk delivery for one year. Then I went by ship, bus, train and then hitchhiked, to arrive in Denmark while in search of employment. This kind of experience changed my outlook on life. I learned all about the great diversity of people and societies.

At the same time, I learned to live with myself and with Japanese society. I reported on my experience of wandering in the world, which is a subject many people strive to do when they are young.

NGO Fuku 21

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